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Functions of the Capital market
The organised and regulated capital market motivates individual to save and invest funds. The availability of safe and profitable source of investment is an essential criterion to create propensity to save and invest on the part of the earning public.

It provides for the investors a safe and productive channel for investment of savings and secures the recurring benefit of return thereon, as long as the savings are retained.

It provides liquidity to the savings of the investors, by developing a secondary capital market, and thus makes even short term savings, consistently available for long-term users.

It thus mobilises savings of large number of individuals, families and associations and make the same available for meeting the large capital needs of organised industry, trade and business and for progress and development of the country as a whole and its economy.

To discharge these functions, the organised capital market accepts a dual responsibility.

To develop the market and to promote savings & Investment.

To regulate the players in the market vis-a-vis the investor and to enforce market discipline through market regulators and registered intermediaries. Such that the unorganised small man is able to deal through these regulatory bodies and the intermediaries, and need not necessarily has to come into direct contact with the ultimate seekers of his savings.





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